Our Services

Welcome to ThePlug! Your one stop shop for all things software and games related!

Unity Engine Assets
With many years of experience with Unity, we can create bespoke assets to help expedite the development of your games/unity projects. We cover all aspects of games development from networking to native mobile (iOS/Android) features.
Discord Bot Development
Looking for a discord bot for your community? Please reach out! We have plenty of experience developing Discord bots and would love to work with you.
Website Development
Need a website for your business or community? We are experienced in developing both front-end and back-end systems for websites and would love to hear from you.
These are our currently offered plugins.

For more details, check out our Wiki!
  • Bot Maker (Supports control flow, variables, various actions. Share your creations with a huge community of fellow enthusiasts)
  • PvM Swapper (Protection swapper with some extra features)
  • Chompy Bird Hunter (Hunts/plucks birds)
  • Bank Helper (Setup and trigger bank presets)
  • Tempoross (Excellent XP and rewards)
  • Mouse Forwarder (Forwards clicks from other applications)
  • Continue Clicker (Clicks continue in dialogues when available)
  • Never Logout (Keeps you logged in)
  • Notifier (Sends notifications straight to your Discord DM's)
  • CoX Scouter (Highly customisable scouter with discord webhook integration)
  • Wintertodt (Excellent experience rates)
  • ZeahCrafter (Does bloods)